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We work in your business whilst you work on it

Our Mission: Transforming Recruitment in Saudi Arabia

At SRP, our mission is clear: to transform the landscape of recruitment in the Saudi market. We recognize the prevalent challenges, including significant gaps in sustainable recruitment practices, and we are dedicated to addressing them head-on






Who Are We?

With over 21 years of global talent resourcing, we offer comprehensive, cost-effective services with swift delivery. Employing a partner-based approach, we deeply comprehend your needs from initial discussions to candidate onboarding. 

Tailoring strategies to individual client requirements, we specialize in diverse areas like IT, Finance, Legal, Sales, Marketing, and HR. 


Our successful track record spans various industries, granting us insights into industry-specific trends and achievements.

What we Do?

We embed ourselves within your business to grasp its inner workings. This allows us to offer a customized solution for your hiring challenges. Our process, thoughtfully designed for efficiency and comprehensiveness, maintains a steady and adaptable flow, tailored to your unique requirements.

While you concentrate on your business, we take on the responsibility of candidate identification and sourcing, affording you the time to make the optimal s
election. We are dedicated to providing a diverse and inclusive pool of candidates, ensuring an exceptional candidate experience.


•    Our recruitment strategies are tailor-made to effectively address your unique hiring challenges

•    We adapt our process to suit your specific requirements, providing the flexibility needed to meet your goals while                             streamlining      candidate identification and selection, 

•    Dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within the candidate pool while ensuring that candidates have an exceptional          experience throughout the recruitment journey.

•    We  constantly deliver shortlists promptly and maintain rigorous quality assurance standards to meet your recruitment                    needs effectively. 

Our Services


Coach 2 Scale

Our services follow a three-fold approach to business growth.

Understand:  Diagnose the factors holding you back from growing your business hindering your business's expansion and pinpoint the barriers demanding attention
Trust, Act as expert advisors, serving as your trusted sounding board, guiding you through the complex landscape of challenges and opportunities using thought provoking questions. 
Scale, We emphasize talent, improving retention through continuous development, and coaching. Our expertise spans talent acquisition strategy and branding to attract and retain top professionals.,
We offer a balanced view of different approaches' pros and cons, empowering you to make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

From 20K SAR pcm

contract (1).png

Solution Based

Integrated Expertise: Through a fixed monthly fee, we become part of your organization, managing role-based hiring and enhancing future-focused recruitment processes.

Empowered Talent Acquisition: We establish your self-reliant Talent Acquisition Function, enabling success and reducing reliance on us, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

Strategic Collaboration: Partnering with HR, we align with corporate goals. We ease in-house HR burden during intense periods, developing a Resourcing Solution via detailed consultations that secures top candidates, bolsters headcount, and reduces recruitment costs. Our Recruitment as a Service model saved almost £450,000 over 12 months, hiring 80+ staff.

From 30K SAR pcm



RaaS  Recruitment as a Service – Subscription Based 

Tailored Recruiter Solution: Designed to address rising talent acquisition demands for supported businesses.

Quick Hiring Support: For Interns or short projects needing 1-3 months of extra assistance, we will:

  • Screen CVs

  • Conduct 1st Interviews

  • Provide a shortlist

From 22K SAR pcm

Trusted By Leading Brands and Startups


What People Say

“Strategic Resourcing Partners has been an invaluable resource in finding top talent during a very tight market..”

Director of Staffing & Employee Relations , N.Y. - NASDAQ listed global software vendor

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